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RE: [IP] keeping diabetes a secret

I always just explain that I count carbs and take insulin to conteract the
carbs I eat.  The next question is always, haw about candy.  I answer, A Carb
is a carb, candy or bread.   If someone you know has the old fasion ideas
about diabetes.  There is a new book about the myths of diabetes.  The write
up is below and the link to buy the book.

The Myth Book
The dictionary says a myth is a "false belief," or an "imaginary story." Myths
most often grow up around things that are important. Or around things that are
hard to understand. Well, diabetes certainly qualifies on both counts! If some
of what you believe about your diabetes isn't true, it can cause you to make
poor decisions. Or you may be working harder than necessary because you don't
know all your options. This engaging and irreverant little book will help you
find any diabetes myths that are complicating your life. Then the truth behind
every whopper is explained. If you still think that "people with diabetes
can't eat sugar," or that "my doctor takes care of my diabetes," you need this
book! Written by Kris Swenson, RN, CDE and Betty Brackenridge, MS, RD, CDE.
$14.95 USD + S&H


Keeping your diabetes a secret at work or a place where you spend a lot of
time can become a hazard if an emergency happens.  I always let my fellow
employees know that I am a diabetic and it has paid off twice that I remember.
Of course I wasn't pumping back then.

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