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Re: [IP] Need where-to-wear it-help

> I am on my fourth MM 508---first failed from a software mess-up and
> number 2 and number 3 have had the reservoir loosen up in the
> compartment and fail to give me correct amounts of insulin.  MM people
> have dertermined that carrying it in my blue jeans pocket is probably
> pressing on the luer connection and loosening it enough to cause the
> problem.  (It can be as much as two or three units worth of "loose"---
> needing a 3 unit prime to get insulin dripping again.) I need the larger
> volume of the reservoir, so it does stick out a ways; I guess I need to
> put it somewhere else.

I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous.  When I trialed the 508, I noticed that
the driver arms in the reservoir compartment jiggled a good bit, and I
wondered if there were a problem with it.  The sales rep told me that the
508 held the reservoirs more loosely than previous models, but it was okay.
That's just the way it was made and didn't mean anything was wrong.  Now I'm
not so sure.

I don't know how common your problem is, but I personally find MM's
explanation that it's really YOUR fault to be lacking.  BIG TIME.  In 12.5
years of pumping, and every single time without fail having the luer lock
stick out (the 504, incidentally, didn't even have the capability of storing
the luer lock inside it that I recall), I have NEVER had a problem with it
messing up the pump.  I, also, almost always wear it in my pocket.  It seems
to me that the pocket is a logical place to put it.  Until they design a
pump that is so compact it can be taped onto the skin itself, requiring
people who use full reservoirs to wear it somewhere other than the pocket is

I'm sorry, I can't help you with where to wear your pump.  But, frankly, I
don't think YOU are the problem here.  What has happened to that company
that went the extra mile to support its patients that I have always known MM
to be?  Were those people all fired in the Medtronic merger?  Was the
purpose of the Medtronic merger to drag the Minimed name through the mud, or

I certainly understand your desire to avoid a repetition of the problem,
especially since MM is refusing to take responsibility and resolve the
problem.  But I would like to assure you that the problem here is not yours.
Who really cares where you wear it?  Nobody but the idiots responsible for
replacing an apparently not up to par product!

By the way, I expect you will find that the luer lock sticks out about the
same on most of the pumps that use those infusion sets.  You will also find
that lots of people wear their pumps in the same spot you do without any
problems.  So, unless you personally find the sticking out a problem, don't
worry about it with Animas or anybody else.

Also:  your pump would be more comfortable and would dig into you less if it
had a clip that you could swivel sideways.  When trialing the Animas, the
Dtron plus, and the Cozmo, I found it almost unnoticeable when I wore it
sideways at my waist.  (I do that about once a week, when I wear a skirt
with no pocket to church.)  My 507 digs into me just like your 508 does to
you.  Once again, it appears that someone has messed up here.  And once
again, it doesn't appear to be you.

I think I might be tempted to scream at MM's technical support people if I
were you.  I don't know if it would do any good, but I'd most certainly be

Sorry.  Guess I just threw a little temper tantrum there.  And it wasn't
even over MY problem!!  I've received excellent service from MM over the
years.  Excellent.  But stories like this make me almost grieve over a great
company gone wrong.

Here's predicting that MM won't stay at the top of the pump market for long.
Not unless they make some serious changes, and soon.  The problem isn't even
so much with the pumps themselves, as it is with very poor customer service
(not satisfactorily resolving the occasional problem that every pump will
inevitably have), and things like charging people for samples of their
infusion sets.  These are things that don't bode well for them, no matter
how nice their pumps are.

They make great products.  The fact that I haven't been on MDI once in 12.5
years is testimony to that.  And once upon a time, they went the extra mile
for their customers, too.  Sadly, I don't see many signs that that has
continued.  I sincerely hope that changes.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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