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Re: [IP] Sign at dr's for competence

>> What about internists?  I was referred to an internist because my GP thought
>> there were no good endos where I lived.
> I am looking for a new endo.  There does not appear to be many endos in my
> area in my ins plan and I know a few who do not take pump patients.  I had no
> idea that internists manage pump patients.  I will look into it.
> Kathie1432
My Dr. is an internist and he is the one who pushed a pump to me and
convinced me to try it. (only took him two years to do this) in the meantime
he taught me how to carb count and adjust my insulin to what I needed.  He
was so happy when I finally decided to try out a pump and kept insisting
that I would love it. (He was right to my surprise) He always knows what he
is talking about and can answer all of my questions.  He is much better than
a lost of the endo's I have run into around here.

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