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[IP] Alpha Lipoic Acid added enticements


Just thought you ladies -oh, okay all of you folks with skin - will be
happy to know that ALA is one of Dr. Nicolas Perricone's premier
nutrients for beautiful, ageless skin.  In fact I switched to taking a
product called Skin Eternal  by Source Naturals that contains 100 mg. per
day (which is plenty for me now that my neuropathy has abated.   It also
contains other skin-enhancing nutrients such as vitamin E, ester-C,
DMAE - etc.  Costs me. $26.00 for a 2 months' supply.  My skin needs all
the help it can get. 


 (Oh, Perricone is the hotshot dermatologist who's got a couple of best
selling books out and is currently a media darling.  This is not really
an endorsement, but so far I've found little to argue with.  He said high
blood sugars are bad for the complexion - surprise, surprise!  He's just
stating the obvious for those who suffer (or not) from diabetes - high
blood sugar's so often the culprit that no matter what I'm feeling I
check my sugar and 90% of the time that's the reason - sigh. )

Dianne De Mink, Type I for nearly 40 years, is working on a book about
diet and nutrition.


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