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Re: RE [IP] keeping diabetes a secret

While I was in  the hospital recently, I found that very few nurses were
familiar with an insulin pump.  None of them made any assumptions and all of
them were eager to learn about pumping.

Since I had my speech back again, I loved showing off the pump and telling
them all about it.

But, I was really hoping they would be totally clueless about pumping.  When
I was first admitted, I told the  first nurse that I was pumping insulin and
I would need the nurses to give me a  total bed bath.  She didn't know about
pumps, but she wasn't totally clueless.  I was washing myself the entire
time I was there! <G>

PS. I did run into one pumper.  She worked in dietary and she came to visit
me one day.  We swapped "war stories" and had a great time!


This past weekend, I ran into a nurse.. I was doing a test, at a
> table,
> and i guess she noticed..
> she also noticed my pump. "Oh.... so you Cant control your diabetes with
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