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RE [IP] Re:Crossed Swords Participedents

>>(I am sure I will recieve some deep thrusts for my obervations)

a correct observation, In a FEW Cases, with a Few people imo. 

I have learned soooo much, from this list.....
there are many people, with many experiences, and good ideas.... (good things,
come through diversification) (sounds like a commercial)
there are also a few, "wana-be authorities".
(which, at the very least, could spell danger)

There are some, with very stong opinions... and, I dont EvEn feel the need,
to go into that.

 MY feelings (only mine) are, "tell me of YOUR experiences", and "how they MIGHT
help". "tell me of YOUR experiences",  and "how they MIGHT affect me"

DONT tell me "what i HAVE to do", "what YOU think i SHOULD do", or "how much
YOU know".... AND

SUGGEST "your ideas" with as much grace, and respect, as you are capable of.

(if you attack someone personally,  be prepared, for a personal attack)

if its a personal issue, do not respond, to the list.... (uh-oh... here we go)

oh... and BTW, I think, it is real NASTY, to eamil someone, off-line, and block
them from replying (how little guts, does that take ?)
if i dont make mistakes, then, i must be doing Nothing
(Normal Peoples Feelings Will Hopefully Differ)
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