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[IP] Re: Pump start

You should be worried about your friend! This doc sounds like he off his
rocker! Before I started pumping my team made sure that I practiced carb
counting while on MDI and that I came back to have counseling sessions with
the dietitians to be sure that I understood how to do it (somewhat). They
also made sure that I understood how to correct for highs and lows. A
couple of days after pump start, they made sure that I started checking my
basal rates (testing and recording bs every two hours. The first one was to
be the overnight basal rate. Once, that was nailed down they had me move to
the morning then the day and then the evening basal rate. All the while I
was counting carbs and bolusing for them and making mistakes but learning
(still am) along the way. I faxed to my endo my numbers every other day.
They then would help in adjusting the basal rates with me, but only after
asking what I think I should do given the results of the numbers. Now I
have heard of some pumpers not using the pump for a basal delivery but
strictly for a bolus delivery. They still take one shot a day of background
insulin. But I have never heard of the practice described below. It sounds
as if your friend needs to learn what his correction factor is, if he is
crashing so hard after injecting for a low it sounds like he is over
correcting. As far as waiting three months to see this quack again, tell
your friend to find a new endo, before this guy does damage to him. If your
friend is as out of control as you describe, it may be healthy for him to
start over again once he finds a new endo and healthcare team that is
update on pump training and care. Tell him to move to Southern Maine and
we'll set him up with the Maine Diabetes Center in Scarborough, ME. They're

Michael Chambers

Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 17:53:33 -0400
From: "Wendy Anderson" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Pump start

I haven't posted in awhile but......I just have a quick question. Is it
common for a doctor to start someone on a pump with a basal rate only and
tell them not to bolus??? I have been a pumper for years and when I started
I began to bolus right away, but I have been helping a friend who started
pumping last winter. He has had so many troubles, I feel so sorry for him.
He is riding a roller coaster of highs and lows. Just today the Dr. told
to cut his basal rate to 1.2 an hour across the 24 hours and see if that
helps!?? I have tried to explain it to him that no matter what his basal
rate is set at if he doesn't bolus with food he will climb sky high, and
that is exactly what is happening, then what he does is take a syringe of
about 20units of humalog to bring his sugar down and sure enough within a
short amount of time he crashes too low, and has to eat something and
sky high. OF COURSE!!!! The poor guy thinks that it is something that HE is
doing wrong. To make matters even worse, today the Dr. told him to come
in 3 months to see how he's doing! 3 Months??? I am very worried about him.

Thanks for ANY advice...........

Wendy Anderson

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