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Re: [IP] Eye exam

>>I would start looking for another doc because I have
>>found that sloppiness in the waiting room tends to drift into the examining


"please excuse me, but i feel the need to disagree"

i have found, that some of the better doctors, seem to have a larger number
of patients....

i too wait.... its ONCE a year..... and as best as i know, from  many people
in my area, and from a few doctors, in my family, the guy i see, has a stellar
reputation. (when you mention his name in Philadelphia, you are talking about
the best, in the entire area)... I would not change, if i had to sit there,
for a week.

I can not imagine myself, telling someone to "find a better doctor", especially
due to times spent, in the waiting room.

BTW... since he see me every year... I assume that "your fine", means "I must
be fine"

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