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[IP] MM Customer service is bad??? News to me!

Okay, now I know that MM went through a transition period of 
growth...but I really surprised at the customer service problems people 
are having with MM.  Everytime I've called for any reason, everything 
has gone very smoothly.  In fact, my complaint is that they are TOO 
thorough at times, asking me the same questions over each time to 
verify information.  "Is your address such and such? What is your phone 
number?  What was your last BG level?" They are asking these questions 
to be thorough.  I called them about 2 weeks ago, and was told that I 
was talking to a trainee and that a fully-trained person was listening 
to the conversation to assure everything was fine.  This week, I called 
about my site irritation I was having, and I got a fully-trained person 
who said that a trainee was listening in.  

Each time, my "hold time" has never been more than 1 minute, and 
usually I get through to a person directly.  Both their order line and 
their customer service line have been great.

So, I'm very surprised about these problems...unless people are talking 
about what they experienced last year during their expansion???

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