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[IP] Diabetic retinopathy

Hello To All!

I haven't posted in ages, but wanted to let you know
about my eye exam last week. 

I had the usual dilated eye exam, and was checked for
glaucoma. I'm glad to say that this opthalmologist
didn't use the "air blaster" to check for
glaucoma--those things make me jump out of the chair!
:0) He numbed my eyes with drops & touched my eyes
with a light that was glowing blue (don't know what
this is called), and said there is no sign of glaucoma
in either eye. My prescription has remained the same
for the 5th year in a row also. 

He then took pictures (fundus photos?) of the insides
of my eyes & they came up on the computer screen
sitting next to me. In one eye, one blood vessel
appeared to be dead or closed off. There is no new
blood vessel growth branching off of the dead vessel,
which he said is a good sign. There were no signs of
vessel bleeds. However, he is sending me to a retinal
specialist on 4/25. I'm told that the appointment will
take about 3 hours & I'll be having a retinal
angiogram. I'm told, depending on what the angiogram
shows, I may need laser surgery. Does the angiogram &
more photos usually take this long, or are there other
tests that may be done that maybe some of you could
clue me in about?

Also, would this be considered proliferative or
non-proliferative retinopathy? 

almost 27 years old, diagnosed 2/82, pumping since
10/98 (first 4 years with MM 507C, now Paradigm),
using NovoLog   


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