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RE [IP] keeping diabetes a secret

>>I told her I
>>take good care of myself and I am allowed to eat this if I want to.  She
>>just looked at me seriously, shook her head and said, no you're not. 
OH.... does that make me mad, or WHAT ????

funny, this subject should come up. Its SO hard, for someone as SHY as me, to
 discuss. This past weekend, I ran into a nurse.. I was doing a test, at a
and i guess she noticed..
she also noticed my pump. "Oh.... so you Cant control your diabetes with shots"

("ah-oh... look out........")
MAJOR mistake, on her part....... No way, was she gettin' out of there, with
any less then an hour, of "severe leonard-ism"..... She paid big time, for that
"displayed their ignorance".
 (funny think is, by the time she had left (ran out), two of her colleagues
 if i would speak at the hospital they worked at, on "a postive approach to
with DM")

I dont mind, someone attempting to be helpful (though, im fairly confident,
that most of you feel the same way... "I dont really need any help.... im not

I dont get offended. i do NOT find fault, in those, that simply, do not know...
I FEEL, that there are a LOT of misconceptions about diabetes.... For those
situations, as nicely as is possible (for me), i attempt to educate them.

For those, that simply THINK that they know it all, (especially those, that
 like to show off), when i get done with them...they wish they'd never
their ignorance", in my presence, (let alone, been in my presence).

IMNSHO "ignorance, is NOT rude, but rudeness is ignorant"...
(sorry for any excessive punctuation)
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