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Re: [IP] keeping diabetes a secret

> Why is diabetes everyone else's business?  If I had cancer or a brain
> tumor or a cyst on my bladder people wouldn't be accosting me with what
> they think is wrong day in and day out.  I've even talked to several of
> them, including the activities director about the freedom in eating the
> pump has given me.  They just don't get it.  Probably because of how
> foreign that is to the way they treat all the diabetics in their care.

i think you will find that no matter what disease or problem, people will
think it is their business.  it's not just diabetes by any stretch of the
imagination that others think they have the right to butt in and try to
control or give their opinions on.
now, your mom's in a nursing home, so the majority of the patients they have
with diabetes would be type 2 (some of whom would be injecting insulin, but
some of the needs are a little different).  this would probably mean that
they don't know as much about type 1, nor about the insulin pump.  the
people you're talking about are ones who won't have any medical experience,
so of course they're not going to get it.  they've got a bunch of
pre-conceived notions based on what they've seen in popular media and in
their own limited experience.
now, they should have nursing staff that would hopefully be more up-to-date
on diabetes (although not always likely), so the care for diabetics may be
better than what you see with the activities director and the hairdresser.

why don't you just bring printed information to the nursing home?  or the
next time one of them tries to tell you what to do, tell them to butt out.
bring your own snacks instead.  and you can be quite sure that most of the
nursing home, patients and staff, know about the diabetes, since that stuff
spreads like wildfire.  most of my mom's workplace knows about mine
(although they're mostly nurses, but even nurses can be ignorant of new
treatments), and that's the same as at dad's.  it's just human nature,
people talk, people are interested, and i'm sure the people who give us a
hard time are mostly just  concerned, but don't know that much.  people also
have a strong sense of self-importance, and like imparting knowledge, even
if it's incorrect. :)

generally, i think we should just pity 'em.  :)

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