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Re: [IP] Re: Pump Start

> At 11:59 PM 4/15/03 -0400, Wendy wrote:
>  >Mostly I was wondering if anyone else began the pump with only a basal
>  >and no bolus's. My poor friend....he feels so sick all the time and is
>  >blaming himself because he does not 'get' it.

I have not heard of this either.  There is a guy at my doctors office who
was very set in his schedule and meal plans and didn't want the hastle of
learning how to count every carb and have to do different calculations at
each meal.  So he stuck with his combination of exchanges.  He bolused the
same amount at every meal every day.  The main benefit of the pump was that
it allowed him multiple basal rates, which the Lantus did not.

>From what you explained, it is like your friend is trying to live off of
straight Lantus and then has an incorrect correction bolus.

My suggestions:
    (1) Have your friend get a copy of "Pumping Insulin" by John Walsh
(a.k.a The Pump Bible on this list).  This will help him understand better
the benefits of his pump and how to use it.  The 3rd Edition has the
information on Humalog.
    (2) Have your friend get his doctor a copy of "Pumping Insulin".  Even
if you friend leaves that doctor, there are probably other patients who have
been turned off of pumping or are also suffering because of the the
mismanagement at the Drs. office.
    (3) If your friend has an internet connection and email have him join
this list.  The support of this group can be very helpful for a newbie.

-- Sherry
dxd 8/80 age 4
pump 12/99 MM508
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