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[IP] Re:Crossed Swords Participedents

I have belonged to this list for at leasst 5 or 6 years and read all the
responces every day except for two and 1/2 months when I was hospitalized
and unconcious two years ago for a while.
Reading the responces on this list remind me of the Knights of Old that went
around with swords on their belts hoping that some one would "cross them" so
they could draw their soards and have a dual.  I do not know how many of
those soard duals were fatial to the participants but many of the coments
expressed here sure seem like they were intended to be "fatial" in their
Charles Soderstrom   Dx T1, 10/53 at age 19
(I am sure I will recieve some deep thrustsfor my obervations)
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