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[IP] Re: Pump Start

Thanks to everyone for the advice about this stupid doctor. To the person
who said the doctor does not know anything about the pump, HE HAS THE HTRON
himself, (scary), to the person who said to send my friend to my doctor, HE
WAS MINE, until yesterday. As far as my friend's life being in danger, I
know!! He has needed more glucagon in the last month than I could even
count. Until he and his wife met me, they both thought that everyone with
diabetes uses a glucagon injection all the time! I told them No...........!
I have never needed it once in 15 years, and this guys was using it
sometimes more than once a week! (Did I mention that we live in a small
town, and the pharmacy was obviously not alarmed at how often they must have
been buying it?)

I have reported this Dr. to the pump company. They are trying to gently tell
him to stop referring people for the pump unless he agrees to accept the
common usage rules. This doctor once told me that he uses the bent needle
infusion sets, and just wipes them with alcohol and pulls them out and
sticks them right back in to a new spot on his stomach!!! Very bad stuff, I
tell you.

Mostly I was wondering if anyone else began the pump with only a basal rate
and no bolus's. My poor friend....he feels so sick all the time and is
blaming himself because he does not 'get' it. I really hope that disetronic
will help. We have a great rep here. We are in southern Ontario and David
Goossens is my contact. Unfortunately, when this doctor's name was brought
up, it seems that my friend is not the first to have been severely messed
up. This is not the dr. that set me up. It was another, his replacement for
a year. I miss him and wish he came back.

Thanks so much for any advice, and keep good thoughts going and I will
hopefully be able to update you with good news when we get this man the
proper help he needs.

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