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[IP] keeping diabetes a secret

I know that it is good to be loud and proud aka Sara Smarty pants and
sometimes I do feel that way but other days it is just not worth
everyone knowing my business.
My mom, who is not a diabetic, is in a nursing home.  She is in fairly
good health.  A lot of staff people there know I'm a diabetic mainly
because they've seen the pump and asked about it.  What I really hate
dealing with is people who are sure they know more than I do about my
diabetes and how I should be taking care of it.  
Last week, the activities director didn't want to give me some of her
kettle corn because I really shouldn't eat it.  I'm like, what are you
talking about, I've eaten this before?  Well, she tells me that my mom
worries about me and I need to take better care of myself.  I told her I
take good care of myself and I am allowed to eat this if I want to.  She
just looked at me seriously, shook her head and said, no you're not.   I
just was so upset.  She isn't even in the medical field and was telling
me what to do.  Now my endo likes my A1c, tells me I am in excellent
control and so I am not worried.  Why do these people think they know
more than my dr?
Last Friday I was having trouble with highs.  I had bolused, took a shot
and was still going up after tracking it for awhile.  Finally at 494, I
decided to go home, it was my day at the nursing home with my mom.
Well, I didn't tell anyone there what was going on but for some reason I
guess my parents decided they needed to share.  I went today and the
hairdresser walked up to me and said, you've been sick for awhile
haven't you?  Very sympathetically.   I said what are you talking about?
I'm fine.  So she looked confused and said, well you've got things back
under control then?  I laughed and said, OH, that, well it was a problem
just that day and I took care of it and I'm fine.  She walked away
looking so confused.  
My site last Friday came out and left a 1/3 of an inch line where they
usually leave a spot where the cannula comes out.  It was really kinked
and I didn't know it.  Took trying a bunch of things to get it fixed.  I
also changed out insulin.  One of the things finally worked.
Why is diabetes everyone else's business?  If I had cancer or a brain
tumor or a cyst on my bladder people wouldn't be accosting me with what
they think is wrong day in and day out.  I've even talked to several of
them, including the activities director about the freedom in eating the
pump has given me.  They just don't get it.  Probably because of how
foreign that is to the way they treat all the diabetics in their care.
Golly what a scary thought, I never want to be old and in that place.

Faith, pumping with the dtron plus 4-5-03 

type 1 diabetic 21+ years and glad to be here

pumping since 08-00
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