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Re: [IP] new message

Hello Nancy.

    I don't see that anyone has replied to your question here, but pardon me
if I have missed it and hence, duplicating someone's answer.  To do a "new
message" you just "compose" a message as you would sending any other e-mail
and then put email @ redacted in the "To:" blank.  This will send it
to the whole list.  Hope this helps!  Have a good rest of the day.  Lisa,
Type 1 pumping with Paradigm
and mom of two type 1 daughters
 7 y/o pumping with Cozmo

----- Original Message -----
From: "Seimears, Nancy" <email @ redacted>
> How do I post a "new message or question" for the I.P. group.   I tried a
> while back and I didn't do it right.  Would very much appreciate the
> Thanks.
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