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Re: [IP] Herbal Life Products

No, I don't remember, but you can check out the diabetes forecast on-line
www.diabets.org/DiabetesForecast perhaps look under weight loss, etc. They
seem to mention healthy weight loss every other month and it does seem
recent - within the last six months they compared the Adkins/weight
watchers/TOPS/Slim-fast/diet pills, etc. plans. I noticed on many diet pill
bottles and herbal pill bottles not to take these if you have diabetes and
other things - always being curious why being a diabetic had anything to do
with it. I tend to question obsessively and do recall it is learning the
"healthy habits/moderation/drink water/exercise" routine to weight loss. The
healthy habits does help me feel better because I have been able to lose
weight but not as fast as the "ones shown on TV" but that is OK for me.
Another good source is a dietician or to talk to your doctor to discuss your
concerns - the doc may refer you to the dietician. Best wishes and take
care! Sharon B
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> can you remember the issue or the title of the article regarding the
> Life Products. Thank you.
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