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Re: [IP] Re: Why wait (so long) to pump ?

I'm glad to hear you've found so many good endo's in KC.  My experience
when I was living there was just the opposite.  The endo I saw (he was
with St Lukes) was terrible.  He's the one who told me I was doing good
enough and didn't need one.  This was after I'd just found out I was PG
and went to him just because I wanted to get a pump to help me have a
healthier pregnancy.  He was a real jerk, when he found out who my
perinatologist was he had his nurse call me, insist I had to have an
appt.  I went in and the only thing he said to me was that he refused to
work with that dr.  and I had to pay for that visit!  golly.
I feel fortunate to have had 2 of the best of endo's right here in
Springfield MO.
Dr Kryshak has since moved to Minnesota (or somewhere up north there)
and my current one, well she is one of the best dr's I've ever had
period.  Of course the first endo I had here was another one of those
jerky dr's, he wouldn't let me have a pump back in the early 80's
because I didn't keep my blood sugars under good enough control.
Too bad there isn't some signal or sign we diabetics can put up on the
wall by the sign at each endo's office to secretly let others know
whether or not they are good!

Faith, pumping with the dtron plus 4-5-03 

type 1 diabetic 21+ years and glad to be here

pumping since 08-00

 <<<<<<<< We wondered how we had been so lucky, to have two excellent
endos in the middle of the country (Kansas City, MO)>>>>>>>>>
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