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[IP] Screaming Mad At Minimed

I haven't posted to the group in a while, but a nurse at my endo's office
inspired me to send a message.

I have been on a Paradigm since March of last year. I'm currently using my
third pump because the first 2 just couldn't last. This isn't my only
problem with Minimed. Their customer support could use some serious help.
For my last 2 replacement pumps I had to wait for more than 45 minutes on
hold. They have a 50% percent success rate on order fulfillment. I've had
508 supplies shipped for my Paradigm, an address problem resulting in
failed delivery on 3 different orders, and I've 1 box of One Touch Ultra
strips shipped when my normal order is 11.

So my endo's nurse says something about checking out Animas or Diestronic...

I'm cruising Disetronic's webstore and see Minimed infusion sets for sale 8-)

They must know that MM has poor service, why else would they sell their
competitor's products.

Does anyone else have any horror stories to share? Will I be equally
disappointed with Disetronic? I don't mean to start a holy war, but I
really need to know what my next step should be.
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