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Re: [IP] Herbal Life Products

Herbal weight loss products are supposedly a waste of money - there was
something in the Diabetes forecast a while back about that. I suggest trying
to cut back on carbohydrates a little bit, eating healthy - fruits, veggies,
whole wheat breads, drinking water and getting exercise. Those are all good
habits that last a lifetime - taking pills tend to cause people to gain
weight one people stop taking them. Weight watchers and TOPS (take off
pounds sensibly) are good programs for support and healthy meal plans. They
all teach moderation and eating the right things. Take care and best wishes!
Sharon B
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> Hi, has anyone tried the Herbal Life Weight Loss products.  I'm
> doing this, every since I was diagnosed with Diabetes and Graves disease,
> quite chunky, really, I'm at least 50lbs overweight.  I have tried all
> of ways to loose weight without success, does anyone have suggestions, I
> think however while pumping it is easier perhaps to loose the weight.
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