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[IP] a Question for Type 2s

I have been on a 508 MM since October.  I have been to the doctor 3 times
since and each time I have gained in weight.  Today I asked him about this
as every other test was good.  He liked where the basals were and the bolus
were.  He said that's one of the drawbacks to pumping.   I am insulin
resistant!   What else would anyone suggest.  I try to follow a low calorie
diet.  But, not to much exercise I am afraid.   He has me on Metforme (850
2x per day) in addition to my 50-55 units per day.   I really do need some
suggestions as the doctor didn't give me any.  I am 60 years old, work full
time as a legal secretary in L. A.  I promise I will do whatever anyone
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