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Re: [IP] alpha lipoic acid

 I take ALA mainly for the insulin sensitivity it
invokes in me..as well as being a good antioxidant,I'm
a fan of antioxidants.Don't know if this is a good
practice or not,but I don't take anywhere near
overdose levels(maximum I'd take 400 mg/day,usually
100-200)it does warn about hypoglycemia on the
bottle..I've found that it only drops my bg if I also
take a small bolus,which is why I take it with a
meal.(and probably why the instructions recommend
it)Anybody else find that it drops their bg?Since I
started taking ALA my bgs are better and I have more
energy..I love it.I don't take it every day though or
I'd be low all the time it tends to have both a
predictable and erratic drop bg pattern,its the 4
AM(nonpredicted) lows that get tiresome. Don't have
neurapathy I take ALA for the abouve reasons.I wonder
if it would prevent one from getting neurapathy..-Heidi

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