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[IP] Re: Why wait (so long) to pump ?

> > My doctor described the kind of patient who could handle pump therapy as
> >  one who was responsible about their diabetes and willing to test
> Yeah - 4x a day, then reduce the # after *settling in*. Thanks to the 'net
>  I have learned to shuck that practice!

>>>I have to wonder, though, Jan, if that were just your doctor.  When I was
diagnosed in '85, My endo, the one strongly pro-pump, required me (and I
believe, all his patients) to test four times daily on MDI.  I think he
would have been happy with four times a day, yes, but I don't think he would
have discouraged at all more frequent testing.>>>

I never did any home BGs 'til 82 and this was a new thing for most of the
patients. I had to do 4x a day for a year to prepare for pumping. I think he
was *protecting us* from all those pokes. How many long-timers here were
doing finger pokes before the early '80s?

>>> The testing was for the purpose of being proactive about it.  And they
encouraged us to do what we could to
keep our A1c's in good range.>>>

I believe A1c's didn't come out 'til around '85 so we didn't even have those
for guidelines. I had 31 years of one shot of NPH/Reg mixed daily and pee
tests which I hardly ever did cuz they weren't effective - just told us how
bad off we were.

>>When I read you talking about your old endo, I truly believe the man
should be locked away in solitary confinement and never again see the light
of day. My guess is that he is/will be responsible for a number of diabetics
going to an early grave.  He got behind the times approximately the day
after he started you on the pump.>>>

My hugsband was in a LOT of pain and went to him. Doc said "I'm not going to
put you through a bunch of expensive tests to find out what this is."
Fortunately doc got fired and our new PCP ordered a blood test: Rheumatoid
Arthritis!!!!!  So what on earth was doc going to do about it by not
testing????  I get all fired up when I think about him. BTW, he's back in
practice and some of the old patients returned. They don't know any better.
:-( We have a new youth pastor who has T-2 (22 y/o) and went to him cuz he's
the only endo in his network. He will not return and is paying out of
network to see my *new* one. Y.P. is very overweight and old endo said to
him, "Are you hungry?" No. "That's bad - you should always be hungry."
How's that for up-to-date treatment!!!  grrrrrrrrr

>>It just goes to show that bad doctors don't just come in the form that
started this thread, with the failure to inform about pumps.  There are
other bad ones, too.>>

Sadly, he was a well-respected up-to-date pump doc pioneer but somehow fell
by the wayside. He told me once he had spent the previous 5 yrs in business
school. I thought he should have been going to DM/pump school!

>>>I occasionally wonder what happened to that patient, who was dealing with
kidney complications and proliferative retinopathy last we knew.  >>

I often wonder if I had been taught and kept up with the advances of pumping
if I'd even be on dialysis today. Old endo just expected that kind of stuff
to happen to DMers. I was led to believe at the start from my dx that I'd
die. I picked the ripe old age of 35 when I would probably be gone. I had no
hope nor furture to look forward to. Can't do any of it over. :-(  I once
had a 15.6 A1c while pumping - the pump had malfunctioned evidently and went
in for repairs. Doc asked if I was having troubles - of course I took it as
*still* being my fault of doing something wrong and he/we did nothing about
it. When I took my BG charts in he filed them. So I took my Accu-Chek
Complete in for him to download and he'd shove it back toward me. I'd shove
it his way, back it'd come! No interest! Told me to stick to the exchange
system cuz it's easier when I asked why I didn't know about carb counting.

>>>I consider myself very blessed.  While it didn't take long for me to come
to believe that my present endo is easily the best I've ever had, I haven't
had a bad one yet. I believe I've always had the best diabetes care
available for the time in which it was given.  Many here cannot say the
same, unfortunately.>>>

Those whom are blessed with good medical care AND family support have no
idea what it's like without either one or both.

\(/ Jan (63 y/o, dx'd T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
Dialyzing since 7/8/02
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of the class? Doctor.

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