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Re: [IP] OneTouch ver. 2.0

Hi Sue,

You wrote:
> Obviously you have not tried to install the LifeScan version 2.0
> software or you would understand what we're talking about.

I *think* you were responding to RoseLea's comment (it would certainly
help if you'd include quotes from the person you're replying to).

RoseLea wrote:
> They tell you it's a download on the website, then lo and behold,
> they force you to install NOW on this computer.

I've downloaded and installed the Lifescan One Touch ver. 2.0 software
and it works EXACTLY like RoseLea said it does.

You wrote:
> The download from a web site is just a way of receiving the
> installation software from the company so you don't have to wait for
> it to arrive in the snail mail.

The One Touch ver. 2.0 program uses a new installation approach based
on XML. It does NOT, repeat NOT, first transfer files that, once on
the host PC, are launched to install the program. Instead, it installs
as it transfers. As RoseLea pointed out, if one wishes to install it
on a second PC, one that isn't connected to the Internet, one simply
can't. Moreover, if one wishes to reinstall it on the same PC, one
can't, at least not without downloading the full 15 MB all over again.

If you remain convinced that this is incorrect, I simply ask for the
name of the file you launch after the transfer is over to start the
installation process!

regards, Andy
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