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Re: [IP] Ok, I goofed

I remember when I had a site fail and we were not at home but out running
errands.  Before we got home my BG's were close to 600 and I felt to sick
and just awful.  My husband asked if he should take me to the E.R. (we were
on the way home at that time)  I asked him why.  All they would do for me is
give me insulin and I have that at home and know how to give it to myself
and what amount to use.  I figure that if I can do it why pay the hospital
big bucks for what I can do myself. I also needed to put in a new site and I
bet that they don't have the supplies for that.  I did not need any extra
meds just insulin.  As far as I am concerned I did just what you did and I
don't think that either of us were wrong.
I did not realize how sick I feel with high blood sugars now, having them so
> close to 120 most of the time makes 300 feel like crap, and 560 felt like I
> was going to die.  I realize I probably should have gone to the ER, but I
> figured that as long as I wasn't throwing up and able to get the fluids in, I
> would take care of this at home.
> Karen
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