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Re: [IP] log sheet

At 12:45 PM 4/15/03 -0400, you wrote:
>Should I keep a log sheet of the amount of insulin I bolus, I started to,
>when I started pumping, then I just stopped, I forget to do  it, besides that
>I don't have anymore log books, and I had a program on my computer but I just
>forget.  For my glucose #'s I just download those off my Profile Meter into
>my computer.  I feel that I have gotten a little to sloppy or confident.  I'm
>not one to keep up with latest of anything.

  I would say yes, just to make sure.  Since  you are using a Profile, 
LifeScan will send you at least a year's worth of logbooks.  Call their 
customer service number (1-800-227-8862) and see what they say.  If they 
give you any guff, write me off list, and I can help.

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