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[IP] Alpha Lipoic Acid -Spot


I read about this years ago when I first developed neuropathy (which
incidentally is a not uncommon condition AFTER going on the pump - don't
know why).  It was excruciating and I couldn't sleep due to those
'cigarettes burning' into my feet.  And this happened after I went on the
pump.  Have been taking the alpha lipoic acid for about 5 years -
figuring, hey it's an antioxident, can't hurt, might help.  I cannot
testify to its effectiveness per se, BUT the neuropathy pain is now a
once in a blue moon thing and I have no desire to give up my ALA to see
if it might come back.  Yes, my HA1c's are much better too, and I don't
know why the neuropathy is all but gone, I mean if the nerves in my foot
were damaged and causing pain, are they now not damaged?  Spot, chime in
here any time.  All I can say is I'm happy about it.



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