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[IP] Need where-to-wear it-help

I am on my fourth MM 508---first failed from a software mess-up and 
number 2 and number 3 have had the reservoir loosen up in the 
compartment and fail to give me correct amounts of insulin.  MM people 
have dertermined that carrying it in my blue jeans pocket is probably 
pressing on the luer connection and loosening it enough to cause the 
problem.  (It can be as much as two or three units worth of "loose"--- 
needing a 3 unit prime to get insulin dripping again.) I need the larger 
volume of the reservoir, so it does stick out a ways; I guess I need to 
put it somewhere else.

My problem:  where DO I wear it?  I am chunky and when I wear it 
anywhere on my belt it pokes me and drives me nuts.  I CAN wear it in 
bra (big enough to hide it---eat your heart out, Chris!) ---but it is SO 
hot and I find it inconvenient.  So what do you brilliant, creative and 
resourceful people say?  I really prefer having it in my jeans pocket (I 
don't knock it againt things and it is quite handy, but ....)

Additional question:  does the Animas reservoir stick out less at the 
luer connection than the MM 508 does?  

Diana Clayton
pumping since January 1, 2001
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