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[IP] Ok, I goofed

Well, here's an "I goofed" story.  I was participating in a fund raiser car 
wash on Sunday for my daughter.  We were washing cars all day, and I should 
have done a temp basil for those hours, but didn't.  So when I started 
feeling kinda tired, checked my sugar, it was 47, got a coke, felt better and 
got back to work.  Then, as I was bending and scrubbing I felt my infusion 
site do somthing, like it came loose or something.  I stood up, felt it, it 
didn't feel right, I said out loud "I think I just lost my site."  Well my 
husband looked scared and I realized he thought I was talking about eye sight 
(LOL), so I said, no my pump.  I figured I finish up the car we were working 
on and check it.  Well, we got busy and didn't stop till we were all done for 
the day.  Checked my sugar, it was 78, figured my site was fine, so took the 
kids for lunch.  Had a cheeseburger and fries, got home, checked sugar, it 
was 260, realized I hadn't bolused for lunch, took my bolus and collapsed 
from an exhausting day.  Felt really tired and took an hour nap, got up, felt 
like crap, checked my blood sugar and imagine my surprise, it was 468.  I 
thought, oh my god, I must've screwed up the bolus with lunch or something, 
and took my correction.  I really did feel bad, flu like kinda bad, so an 
hour later, I checked again to make sure it was coming down and now it was 
560!  I don't think I've ever seen that number on any meter I've ever had.  
Then the light went off in my head, I had ovbiously pulled out my site during 
the car wash, and sure enough, I ripped the tape off and it was out, I could 
tell cause the cannula was bent.  Oh man, I was up till 3:00 AM checking 
sugars and drinking lots and lots of water.  I checked for ketones and had 
moderate according to the package.  When my sugar was down to 282 by 3:00 AM, 
I went to sleep and the next morning @ 7:00 AM, I was at 107 with no ketones. 
I did not realize how sick I feel with high blood sugars now, having them so 
close to 120 most of the time makes 300 feel like crap, and 560 felt like I 
was going to die.  I realize I probably should have gone to the ER, but I 
figured that as long as I wasn't throwing up and able to get the fluids in, I 
would take care of this at home.  
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