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Re: [IP] Injecting Into the Hub ?

Didn't get to finish that last message about injecting into the hub....On the 
Sof-sets I use from Minimed, you don't actually have to disconnect from your 
line. You can inject into the top of the set where the introducer needle was, 
just be careful not to place the needle to deeply as there would be 
possibility of puncturing the catheter. I think the Quick Sets and UltraFlex 
have this same design. I have used this approach when I have discovered I was 
running low in the resevoir and didn't have any spare resevoirs or filling 
needles with me, but did have back-up syringes and Humalog, or when I needed 
a larger bolus and had little left in the vial I wanted to use up saving what 
was in the resevoir for basals.
Hope this helps some and always welcome for feedback. T
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