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Re: [IP] Injecting Into the Hub ?

    Kristen, I remember reading something about a limit that the rubber seal
has on the number of times that it may be punctured before its sealing
capability is degraded or lost. I think that it was in the infusion-set
package instructions. It is a good idea but this limitation should be kept
in mind (If I am recalling correctly). Peter

> Probably a better piece of information would be the infusion set you use.  I
> have only tried this with a couple of different models.  With the Sof-Sets,
> it was really easy.  You disconnect from your pump for the moment.  Inject
> the syringe into the rubbery spot where the infusion set connects, taking
> care not to go in too deeply.  Try to stay in that rubbery stuff.  Inject
> into it and take the syringe back out.
> I first got this idea right here on this list, so if anybody can express it
> better than I have (rubbery stuff leaves something to be desired, I'm
> thinking), or can shed a little more light, please do so.  It is also
> possible that I could be a little off in what I am saying, but both times I
> tried it, it worked out well.  I did it with the Sof-sets and the
> Silhouettes, but I would guess that this would be possible with any type of
> quick release infusion set.
>......> If I have another child and again hoard insulin in the reservoir with
> injections, I'll just plan on doing it this way.  Hope it is helpful for
> others as well.
> Kristen
> dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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