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Re: [IP] basal/bolus adjustments


My son Adam is almost 13 as well, and we've had to change his correction
factor.  His is now 1 unit for every 40 over 120.  And he boluses 1 unit for
every 10 gms of carbs.  Isn't it amazing how each person's body reacts so
differently to insulin?  It's possible that you'll need to adjust Cory's
insulin - see what your doctor says!

Good luck,
Karen in IL

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>Subject: [IP] basal/bolus adjustments

>Hi pumpers, We've not been getting the desired results with the correction 
>boluses.  I haven't documented them but it seems as though Cory is only 
>getting about 30 - 50% of the correction that we bolus for.  He began 
>pumping a little over 2 years ago.  His correction was 1 unit for each 50 
>over 140 plus 1 u for small ketones, 2 for med and 3 for large. When he 
>has ketones, the corrections are done via injection and the pump site is 
>changed.  Until recently this worked fairly well.  Now it does not work!
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