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Re: [IP] Re: making cases

Amy, I've always made my own, when I had a MM507 and for my new 
Cozmo, too.  There's no reason not to do it.  No modern pump  needs 
any humidity protection at all.  Must have been some unemployed 
weatherman who told Jan that nonsense.
   I devised some patterns that allow different clips and velcro.  But 
you need a machine that can sew double folds of material.  I can send 
you the pattern for the 508, and you can play with it to see how it 
goes (email privately).  Try some cases with thin fabric first.  I 
use backpack cloth with a light denim liner for the final, but you 
could use anything really--make one for each of your outfits ;-)

>>>! I was just wondering if anyone out there made their own cases for
their pumps (besides the people who sell them, lol) and could send me a
that they use. I have a 508 and have been rather unsuccessful at making my
Thanks for any help!! Amy>>>

<<I do not make cases for my 507C (same size as 508) since I was told pumps
need to be protected from humidity and it gets pretty humid in Indiana
summers. Jan>>>
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