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[IP] Re:basal/bolus adjustments

<<From: "C. Jones" <email @ redacted>
You and Cory could be on a roller
coaster ride like no other one until he has made it through puberty>>

Ah, Chris you are so encouraging.  LOL   We went to bottle # 4 of insulin 
today and amazingly his control began to improve immediately!   We had used 
all of #1, part of 2 and part of 3. I got all 3 of those at the same time, so 
decided since I had tried everything else, I would try a new vial from a 
different batch.  He also put in a soft set that MM sent.  Until now he's 
always used the Sils.  I know those precious hormones are still lurking and 
causing a steady increase in insulin requirements but sure hope we don't have 
anymore like this past one.
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