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[IP] Re:hyperosmolar coma

My father in law died in a diabetic coma.  He had been pretty sick for 
several weeks. He lived in Texas and was on vacation in Ky - his homestate.  
By the time his daughter got him back to Texas, he was bedfast.  He refused 
to go to the doctor until his nurse granddaughter talked him into just going 
to ER to have his vitals checked.  She had already done that and knew he was 
in critical condition but she told him her scopes, etc weren't working right. 
 He went into a coma when he got to the hospital and died a few hours later.  
I doubt very seriously if he would ever have tried to take care of himself if 
he had known he had diabetes.  One thing that really puzzles me though is 
that 2 years prior to his death, he fell off a roof and sustained a lot of 
severe injuries.  He had surgeries and was in intensive care for 30 days.  
Not one time did they ever say anything to the family about him having 
diabetes.  Since then, I';ve heard that people generally have had type 2 for 
years before dx.  I wonder if that is because doctors aren't looking for it.  
Stacey, I just wanted to let you know that your Mother is probably pretty 
typical of type 2 patients, especially older ones.  Most of them know of the 
ravages of the disease and just want no part of it.  I don't know if they 
think they'd rather die than to face all that or if they just flat out deny 
that they have it.  
My thoughts and prayers are with you, the family and friends,
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