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[IP] Re: [IPp] Ask The Dietitian..Disetronic Chat 4-14-03

 Pumpers and Friends

       Disetronic chat on the 14th of April will be hosted by Margaret
Crary, RD.
 Margaret is a Clinical Service Manager for Disetronic in the Chicago area
 the Guest room at 9pm EDT, 8pm CDT, 7pm MDT, 6pm PDT.  "Ask the Dietitian"
 is the topic ....hmm I wonder if she can tell me the carbs for the 1 gal
 of low salt popcorn I had today. Or maybe what carb book she like, as the
 dog ate mine....how many carbs would that have been?

  To join the chat, simply point your browser to
 http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/chat.shtml and select "Guest" from the
 pull-down menu of chat rooms (where it asks you to select a chat  room).
  You will then need to type in your username and password when prompted.
 Your  username is the email address that you subscribed to the list with
 your  password is "pumper" (without the quotes).  If you  are having
 problems  accessing the chat, email  help@insulin-pumpers.org and
   we will help you access the chat.

      If you are unable to attend the chat and you are interested in the
 topic,  you may access a transcript of the chat the following day. Simply
 to the  same page, and click on Chat Transcripts, and then scroll down
 you find guest-year-month-day.html of that chat and then click on it.

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