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[IP] alpha lipoic acid

Before I went on the pump, my diabetes was way out of control (hence, I am 25
and have lost parts of my central vision).  When I went on the pump and got
very aggressive with controlling my bgs, I had symptoms of fibromyalgia and
neuropathy and itchy skin.  I thought I was doomed.  It ended up being that my
body didn't know how to react to health- the neuropathy was temporary, but my
eyes kept bleeding (retinopathy).  I have a friend on the pump who is a
professor at a chiropractic college and he gave me some amazing info on ALA,
so I tried it.  While the neuropathy only lasted a couple months, the ALA sure
helped.  It is expensive and you need to take a high dose (200 mg), but so
worth it.
I have not had a symptom of neuropathy in 3 years and my retinas have chilled
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