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Re: [IP] OneTouch ver. 2.0

Sue K <email @ redacted> wrote

>If you want to install your downloaded software on another computer, all 
>you have to do is put the downloaded file on something like a floppy, or a 
>cd etc. then take it to the system you want to install it on and run it 
>just like any other software installation.

But the LifeScan software does not work that way.  It downloads as it 
installs.  No big download file to click on to install later.  I've already 
tried it.  If you don't install while you download, you are out of luck.

>It wouldn't be a good idea for it to install something on your system 
>automatically without asking you if you want it.

They ask you if you want it.  You have to fill out a registration form for 
the software download/install to start.  It does not ask you if you want it 
on THIS computer or if you want to install it NOW or not.  Obviously you 
have not tried to install the LifeScan version 2.0 software or you would 
understand what we're talking about.

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