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Re: [IP] Injecting Into the Hub ?

> Please explain how you take a shot without taking a shot.
> I just don't get the mechanics of it.  I'm using a Paradigm.

Probably a better piece of information would be the infusion set you use.  I
have only tried this with a couple of different models.  With the Sof-Sets,
it was really easy.  You disconnect from your pump for the moment.  Inject
the syringe into the rubbery spot where the infusion set connects, taking
care not to go in too deeply.  Try to stay in that rubbery stuff.  Inject
into it and take the syringe back out.

I first got this idea right here on this list, so if anybody can express it
better than I have (rubbery stuff leaves something to be desired, I'm
thinking), or can shed a little more light, please do so.  It is also
possible that I could be a little off in what I am saying, but both times I
tried it, it worked out well.  I did it with the Sof-sets and the
Silhouettes, but I would guess that this would be possible with any type of
quick release infusion set.

It was one of those ideas that I tucked away for future use.  During my last
pregnancy, my insulin needs soared clear up to about 120-130 units a day,
and at breakfast, I had an insulin to carb ratio of 1 unit to every two
grams of carb.  To make my reservoir last, I started injecting at breakfast,
and for some odd reason got these ugly bruises with every injection.  (This
never happened when I was on MDI, and my endo had no idea of the cause.)

If I have another child and again hoard insulin in the reservoir with
injections, I'll just plan on doing it this way.  Hope it is helpful for
others as well.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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