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Re: [IP] callouse answers Answer: Sof-Tact Medisens!

> > I have been testing a lot more often and am noticing that my fingers
now have > > thick calouses. I use the newer lancets and lancing device
that has the > > settings. Does anyone have any tips on maybe a new
lancing device or lancets > > or a prouduct out there that can help? I
have a one touch ultra and have > > tried a timy sample of blood from my
arm, but I always get er5 or er4...not > > enough blood. Why do they
promote that thing if it won't work??? > > Please give me some pointers
if you would. Thank you, > > Ashley  My husband has no hands.  We used
the Ultra when it first came out in Canada.  Then, we switched to the
Medisens Sof-tact.  We have also tried the Freestyle.  I use the Sof-tact
most of the time since it came out in February of 2002. I put a flat
plastic bottle of warm (not very hot) water on my  husband's arm and
then, I load the Sof-tact. By the time the water has warmed the arm and
brought blood to the surface, I can get a blood draw. When I first
started using the Sof-tact, I was pressing too hard and used up 9 volts
very quickly.  I also wasted some strips.  My technique is much better
now and I usually get the test result the first time.   The Soft-tact is
very bulky, very heavy and very expensive compared to the other meters. 
The strips are the same money.  It is, however, supposed to be the most
accurate alternate site meter.   I'm still using a lot of strips.  When
does the pump halt brittleness?  Thank goodness we have a drug plan!!! That
other guy was joking, right?  


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