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Re: [IP] OneTouch ver. 2.0

Andrew Aronoff <email @ redacted> wrote:

>1. The program install procedure is an XML experiment gone awry. No 
>install file is ever downloaded -- files are just put on the PC in 
>appropriate places -- so if the install doesn't work, all 15 MB have to be 
>downloaded all over again. I don't mind, since I have a broadband 
>connection, but anyone using a modem may be upset repeating a 75 minute 
>download just because the Lifescan programmer was keen to complete an XML 
>project without thinking about user needs.

This is my biggest gripe about the program, the download/install.  They 
tell you it's a download on the website, then lo and behold, they force you 
to install NOW on this computer.  I wanted to install the program on 
another computer that I have without internet access, so I called and asked 
them about it.  I wanted it on the other computer since I don't have an 
available serial port on this one.  Do you know what they told me to 
do?  Network my computers together so I could run the program on this one 
and use the serial port on the other one.  Nevermind that the computers are 
not very close together and would require me to do some extensive wiring to 
connect them together.  I told them I would pass on it.  Personally, I 
think LifeScan needs to hire some different programmers or give the option 
to either download (for those among us who are computer savvy) or 
download/install (for those who are not).

Not very happy with LifeScan and their software at this point
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