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[IP] OneTouch ver. 2.0

 I downloaded Lifescan OneTouch ver. 2.0 here:
(Using this URL avoids the lengthy and pointless registration screen.)

I have a few caustic observations to make about this program:

1. The program install procedure is an XML experiment gone awry. No
   install file is ever downloaded -- files are just put on the PC in
   appropriate places -- so if the install doesn't work, all 15 MB
   have to be downloaded all over again. I don't mind, since I have a
   broadband connection, but anyone using a modem may be upset
   repeating a 75 minute download just because the Lifescan programmer
   was keen to complete an XML project without thinking about user

2. The program is incompatible with early versions of the Lifescan
   cable. If you have a Lifescan cable marked "Part No. 011-179-01",
   the program will communicate with the meter, but it will complain
   that communication is impossible and no data will be downloaded.
   The cable will need to be replaced with the current version, "Part
   No. 020-733-01". Lifescan will do this for free and the new cable
   uses a 9-pin serial connector, which obviates the need for a
   DB25-DB9 adapter.

3. For Windows 2000 users, the Input Language must be set to
   English via Control Panel -> Regional Options -> Input Locales.
   Anyone living in the U.S.A. will have the Input Language set to
   English by default. If someone in another country tries to get the
   program to run, this configuration requirement may not be obvious,
   since the program refuses to run and displays a cryptic error

4. For Windows 2000 or XP Pro users, the program requires
   Administrator privileges to install and run. A Power User won't do.
   This is just plain silly. The Lifescan programmer that's so fond of
   XML is also oblivious to how Windows 2000/XP Pro is used on
   business (and security-conscious home) PCs.

As for me, I'm sticking with In Touch 1.3.3.

regards, Andy
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