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[IP] RE: Anyone Buy Their Own Insurance

Sue (and others):  The chamber here uses Lovelace HMO, and the rate came in
even a few dollars higher than I already pay for the two of us, as two
individual employees of a small business with Lovelace. I found that to be
pretty interesting. There was no break from being a member as far as small
business employees go.  The chamber membership was $185 per yr. for 1-3
employee companies (unless you fall into a more specific category.) If you
went in as two individual employees (no children) it was $557 per month or 487
per month.  I am currently in there at $475 for the two of us.

The NASE National Assoc. of Self -Employed said they will in no way insure
diabetics.  At least not type I on the pump.  My husband wanted to turn them
in to the state insurance board because they sure do sound like a group and
groups have to take us in.  The insurance board was rude to him on the phone,
and never did send him a complaint form.

Also if you ever get a call from the Alliance (some self employed group), ask
them if they take type I diabetics, and just watch how fast they hang up on
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