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Re: [IP] hyperosmolar coma

Hi Stacy
I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I've been very depressed about the whole 
diabetes thing. I could see doing the same thing myself. So far, I haven't 
stopped taking care of myself. I am still on a pump and I take reasonably 
good care of myself but I still want to do what your mother did sometimes.
What I notice in my life  is that others can see how much I have to look 
forward to but I can't see it. It's like a blindness of perception. So it's 
like everyone has a perception about everyone else's life. Maybe that's why 
we are all here so that we can give each other our perspectives. (You know, 
like relationships as mirrors).

>About a month ago, my mother age 69 went into a hyperosmolar coma.
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