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Re: [IP] Reuse Paradigm Reservoirs ?

I reuse the resevoirs ALL THE TIME! I can use a lot of insulin (mostly 50-70 
units a day, sometimes more) so I have to change it at least every 2 days. I 
don't mind at all. In my purse I have a bottle of insulin and the plastic 
plunger and blue transfer guide. Here is what I do..
1. disconnect site 
2. pull out reservoir and disconnect resivoir from tubing
3. connect reservoir to plunger and transfer guide
4. Fill reservoir as usual
5. Go through rewind and manual prime 
6. Reconnect to site

I don't do the fixed prime when I do this. I check often and have never seen 
my bgs go up because of this.

MiniMed would cringe if they knew...hehe

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992

> Hello Pumpers.  I've been using the Paradigm reservoirs only once
> but I get the impression that I can refill &use them again a second
> (or third?) time.  Exactly how do I do that?  I mean, do I use the
> plastic plunger again, the blue transfer guide, a syringe... ?
> Thanks,
> Lee at Mt. Shasta, dxd T1 in 1971 at 25, pumping since 4/02
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