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[IP] Making pump choices was: Maybe a D-Tron? D. Users Only!

I read this and i had to laugh. My Endo uses a MM and he recommended  FOR ME 
to get the paradigm. He does not use the paradigm, he went on the pump way 
back in the day when he was in his last year of med school. He knew the 
reasonings as to why I went off the pump for two years and he knew that the 
paradigm solved many of those problems (i had a 506 then a 507) such as 
vibrate and a remote and the tiny size and the no clicking sound. Your 
reasonings to me are sound and make total sense. My reasonings for getting a 
paradigm are sound and make sense FOR ME. No single pump is for everyone. Let 
your post and mine go to show that people must decided on their pumps based 
upon personal experience.

dxd age 7 pumping 1992 (506/507  8/14/02 paradigm)

> I made my decision based on two thing:
> 1) it was the one, my cde was using (he is NOT employed, in any way by 
> desitronic) (is that an endorsement ??)
> 2) the spare pump (the ABSOLUTE MOST IMPORTANT THING (to me.. what I 
> felt......my personal feelings). once i started pumping, i did not want to 
> take a step back...the idea of "pen backup, is, (to me... my feelings) 
> repulsive..... i, in all hope, took my last shot of insulin,  (# 34000 +), 
> on October 10, 2002 (yeh, i was dumb, for waiting so long).
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