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Re: [IP] Re:hyperosmolar coma

thanks susan..... for my mother, there will be no 2nd chance. i know that she 
made that choice, but i hope other's can learn from this. i have talked to a 
friend today, her dad is  not taking his meds, following doctor's orders.  i 
told her to please tell him about my mom,  show him what he has to live 
i know that this might not sound right,  he has type 2,  just like my mom, 1 
to 2 pills a day.  come on.............. take the  pill, and get over 
it.!!!!!  sorry to sound so mean. before i went on the pump i was doing 7 
shots a day,  it would have been like a dream to have someone tell me i only 
had to take 1 or 2 pills.  we all struggle, type 1 and 2,  i wish everyone 
well.  .  have a great night, thanks for being out there.....happy 
pumping...stacy b
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