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[IP] Re:hyperosmolar coma

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About a month ago, my mother age 69 went into a hyperosmolar coma.
her blood sugar was ""1150"". ..........
 i talked to the doctor today, her body   has begun to
shut down, it's just a matter of timeit has been 22 years for me, i fight
everyday,she had so much to look live for..........  WHY??? 

Stacey, I'm so sorry.  You tried so hard to help your mother but I guess she
was just really into denial.  You gave her the tools, you led by example --
there was nothing more you could have done.  I pray that perhaps there is
still some hope for your mother.  I know it sounds pretty bleak if the organs
are shutting down, but maybe things will turn around and she'll get another
My heart aches for you.
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