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Re: [IP] some scary stuff

I have always hated keeping logs, my one downfall. I'll test reuglarly, but 
write the stuff down, ugh!. What finally helped me was getting the Glucometer 
Dex meter and the USB cord for the meter to attach to the computer. You 
download the program online and after you attach the cord to the monitor, a 
few clicks and you have a record for the day, week, or however often you 
download (I do about every other day). The program is absolutely fabulous! 
You get to see clear graphs on what your blood sugar is doing, sorting from 
just a regular graph, to others which plot your blood sugar according to the 
days of the week, time of day, in realation to meals or whatever else you 
desire. You can even fax the info to your doc if they have the same program, 
or print out the stuff. It also figures averages for the day, week, etc. My 
physicial prefers that I bring in the print outs to every visit and it really 
gives her a more consise and accurate picture than just looking at a log. 
Plus you can add other information to the computer log, taking note of 
important events, insulin usage, exercise, etc.
It also helps spot if you are having the same reactions every day at the same 
time, or, say, every week on Wed after a board mtg or class, or maybe two 
hours after every exercise session. Maybe this type of monitor would help. It 
has sure saved my life. Even if I want to deny what my sugars are running 
(high, of course), one look at the graphs and I get a reality check that I 
can't ignore. I think there may be at least one other type of monitor out 
there that has this capability, maybe more, but I'm sticking with the Dex. As 
an added plus, there are 10 sensors in every disk so I don't have to pull out 
the test sensors to test. Makes compliance a lot easier. 
I know, I start chattering and get on a high horse. 
Just remember, you will get through this and things will settle down. You 
have had control before, you will have it again. Good luck with all. Tina
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